Luke Parkhurst, Disaster Cleanup
On this episode of Working: Syracuse, we explore the gritty and often invisible job of crime-scene cleaner Luke Parkhurst of Disaster Cleanup. The 40-person company specializes in biohazard, fire, mold, and water jobs within a two-hour radius of the city.

The biohazard jobs are the most difficult of the bunch. Many of those cases involve the suicide of a family member. But even though he's scrubbed away blood and bodily fluids for 14 years, Luke believes those years of cleaning up after one of the saddest days a person can face hasn't changed him. He's married with two kids — a six- and seven-year-old — and joined Disaster Cleanup two years ago. He's held jobs in welding and factory work and usually can be found around the company warehouse wearing his blue-denim overalls. And while this particular job hasn't changed him, it "makes you think about all the other jobs that people are doing that people don't want to think about," Parkhurst says.