Sean Williamson, Liehs and Steigerwald
On this episode of Working: Syracuse, we speak to Sean Williamson of Liehs and Steigerwald on Grant Boulevard. Williamson didn't set out to be a butcher. In fact, it took years of college as an art major and thousands of tuition dollars before he decided to pursue something with more immediate, tangible results. That desire led him to his job making sausage for a specialty butcher shop, a position he's held for almost a decade. Williamson's job description includes being the butcher, manager and general everyman at Liehs and Steigerwald, which has served Syracuse's Northside community for more than 80 years.

Williamson oversees the original Northside shop as owners Jeff Steigerwald (grandnephew of founder Ludwig Steigerwald) and Chuck Madonna (a long-time L&S employee) focus on a new location in downtown Syracuse. Williamson takes pride in the countless dishes prepared for Northside families and the relationships he's developed with customers. As the owners strive to make the business relevant amid rising competition from national retailers, Williamson seeks to make his way through a love-hate relationship with his job. It delivers a satisfaction derived from connecting with people and fulfilling a universal and basic need, but it also offers physical discomforts and a repetition that can quite literally be a grind.